Stillshirt "Mama-Multishirt" Gr. 34-50


Sew a nursing shirt or basic top

  • Overlapping fronts for a cozy breastfeeding experience
  • A basic shirt with princess seams forms the basis
  • Panels of fabric cover breastfeeding opening
  • Extra variant for pregnant women
  • short, 7/8ths or long sleeves
  • Can be sewn with or without a breastfeeding opening
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What is the “Mama Multi – Shirt”?

With this e-book you can sew a normal shirt (described as a basic variant) that also fits during pregnancy.
After pregnancy you can breastfeed your baby quickly and discreetly with breastfeeding interventions that are hidden under yokes. The yokes are also intended as privacy protection – especially if you choose very light, air-permeable fabric for this, you can let the yoke fabric hang over the baby’s head when breastfeeding.
The shirt works like a modular system and is therefore very versatile. You can also omit the division of the front part, the breastfeeding interventions and the yokes.

When you buy the e-book you will receive:

  • The detailed sewing instructions
    -The cut in size 34-50 in DinA4, A0 and a beamer file with levels

Instructions for:

  • Sew a basic shirt for every day
  • Maternity basic shirt

  • Sew nursing shirt with yokes

  • Pregnant/nursing shirt combination
  • all with either short, 7/8ths or long sleeves

You can also find out how you can easily sew a basic shirt out of the shirt on my YouTube channel

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